Pray for Michael Smith, SGIG

Brethren, you have likely heard that SGIG Michael Smith is hospitalized and recovering from COVID. He tested positive around September 21st and was at home for a few days until being admitted around the weekend of the 26th. What I know is that he was placed on a ventilator Thursday morning. He had been moved to a regular floor but not discharged due to pulmonary issues. His oxygen levels were dipping significantly with mild activity such as simply talking. I have attached two posts from Facebook below, one that is a request for prayers for Him posted by Doug Knauer and the other is a prayer posted by our web manager Jim Barr that I liked very much. Please remember Most Worship Michael and his family in prayer and thoughts.

This is MW Michael D. Smith: Past Grand Master of AFM of SC, SGIG of SC AASR, LT. Grand Commander of AASR Southern Jurisdiction, my friend and my brother. He and his family are in need of our prayers. So beginning tonight and every night at 9:00pm please stop what you are doing and for 2 minutes let us all lift up prayers for healing for this godly man and mason. It is written that whenever two or more are gathered in his name and ask in prayer that He will hear our prayers. Let us all do this for the “ Most praying Grand Mason that this State has seen.

“ May God place his healing hands upon Brother Mike, and take his family into His arms and comfort them, and guide the doctors who are caring for him.”

- Ill. Doug Knauer, 33° via Facebook

Most glorious Lord God, the great Architect of the Universe, we place Michael Smith to your loving hands as the Great Physician. We lift him up to you for healing and care. Your will be done. So mote it be, amen.

- Jim Barr, 32° via Facebook

I am very sad to report that one of our newest members, William “Bill” Wetzuel Thompson died suddenly on Friday, October 1, 2021. Bill became a 32 Degree Scottish Rite Mason on September 11, 2021 and was very excited about that and was looking forward to being a member in Greenville Valley. Please remember his wife Gladys and their family at this difficult time.

We just learned today that another longtime member, Jack Ranny Bernard passed away Sunday, July 18, 2021. Jack would have been a member for 50 years this month. Please remember his wife of 58 years, Othella and their family.

I hope you all are well and safe.
We received the attached invitation from Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Whitten who is Professor of Military Science at Furman University.

  • Veterans and DoD ID holders receive 2 complimentary tickets to the game.
  • The Paladins are hosting cross state rival The Citadel Bulldogs, so this should be an exciting game.
  • Clemson plays Friday night the 15th and South Carolina is hosting Vanderbilt at 4:00.

So, this is a great opportunity to get out to a live local game and show our support for our military.

Edward D Snow, Secretary
Greenville, SC A. & A. S. R.
[email protected]
(864) 232-5430

Please note you need to call the number at the bottom of the invitation by October 13th to RSVP.

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